Beauty in the Kitchen: Scalp Exfoliation


Beauty care can be very broad. Wether it’s hair, makeup, nails or skin; there is a lot of maintenance that goes into it. We have to keep in mind that just like we have beauty rituals for our bodies and skin, we should for our scalp. It needs love as well. I used to always complain about having a dandruff due to having a dry scalp, but I would never do anything about it.

That is until I realized that you can scrub your scalp, just like you would your face, hands, feet and rest of body. It is skin with pores that needs to breathe and it needs vitamins and moisture.

Muscovado sugar in bowl on wooden background


-Scalp exfoliation removes dead skin, which prevents dandruff or flakes.

-It cleans your hair pores, making your scalp healthier and preventing hair loss

-It can cause the stimulation needed to boost up your blood circulation to your hair follicles, which will allow the hair to grow.

-Removes buildup and chemicals due to hair products.


-Brown sugar

-Coconut or olive oil

-Tea tree or peppermint oil

-Vitamin oil (optional)

How to apply it: 

-Mix ingredients in a bowl until it turns into a smooth paste.

-Massage some water onto scalp with hands.

-Apply scrub to scalp by parts by massaging gently in circles

-Rise out and wash hair as usual.


By: Marileidy Morel

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