Art Walk Fashion Show

Art Walk Fashion Show 0

    On June 15th, The Social Butterfly had the honor or helping to organize the “Art Walk Fashion Show” Part of the 6th Annual Paterson Art Walk. Our butterfly Marileidy hosted along side Manny Cordero, designer of Role Modelz Clothing. It was a sucessful show, with 10 designers, 30 models, and a full house.(…)

Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend Ideas 0

The weekend is here!  But it’s not just any normal weekend it’s Memorial Day. This is one of the most popular holiday weekends of the year. It’s known to be the kick off for the summer with BBQ’s, vacations and beach days. Here are some helpful tips on what you can do this holiday weekend.(…)

Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh 0

Mint is one favorite colors to wear in the Spring and Summer. It is a fun yet delicate pastel shade that is suitable for all occasions.  I wanted to find a way to contrast these mint pants, so I decided to pair it up with a funky electric blue blazer to pop both colors.  (…)

Cartoon My Profile

Cartoon My Profile 0

The Social Butterfly wants to highlight this amazing hip company. If you have ever wondered, “How would I look like as a cartoon?” well this is the place for you. CartoonMyProfile is a company that takes picture  that you want and turns you into a cartoon. They have done everyone from celebrities to business owners.(…)