School of Life: Tempted to Sin

School of Life: Tempted to Sin 0

School of Life Clothing is an artistic line designed for the open minded as well as for the curious. Their designs each have an individual meaning that revolve around creativity. They are inspired by everything pretaining to life, as well as its mysteries; from the animals we see to the unanswered questions about the universe(…)

Summer Must Haves

Summer Must Haves 0

  It was a rough Winter, but we made it!  Summer is officially here and there is no better way to celebrate than at a pool party with some of my favorite pieces for the season (Minus the bathing suit- Not Summer Ready!!). The following are some of your must have items for the Summer!!!(…)

The Social Thrift

The Social Thrift 0

We are every excited to announce an idea that we have had in mind since the Social Butterfly beginnings. We had the vision but were a bit hesitant on how to execute it. Basically, we were looking for a way to be able to sell our second hand clothes to the public and wanted to(…)