TuTu Cute

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Only the Fashion “Gawds” know how long I have had this tulle skirt in my closet. I have been trying to save it for a special occasion, and not necessarily for an event. I was saving it for a moment where I felt free to flutter and connect with nature like a butterfly. While getting(…)

Fashion Affair: Greek Goddess

Fashion Affair: Greek Goddess 0

While planning my trip to Bald Head Island, North Carolina; my cousin and friend notified me that they were able to get us reservations to “The Shoals Club” one of the two exclusive country clubs on the entire island. At that point the first thing that came to my mind of course was, “What I’m(…)

School of Life: Tempted to Sin

School of Life: Tempted to Sin 0

School of Life Clothing is an artistic line designed for the open minded as well as for the curious. Their designs each have an individual meaning that revolve around creativity. They are inspired by everything pretaining to life, as well as its mysteries; from the animals we see to the unanswered questions about the universe(…)