Rock Star Business Leidy

Rock Star Business Leidy 0

Working a corporate job, I spend about 75% of my week in business clothes. My gym clothes, pj’s, and comfy yoga pants to wear around the house make up another 25%. Leaving me with only about a 5% of my week to dress up in sassy girly clothes. (usually saturday nights and some sundays afternoon.)(…)

No Meat on Fridays

No Meat on Fridays 0

(Home made broiled fish, with brown rice and salad by my mom)   Growing up in two very strict catholic households (My grandma’s in the Dominican Republic for nine years and my parents house in the US after) I was raised following many traditions of this religion. I remember living in the island when I(…)

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Art Hearts Fashion

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Art Hearts Fashion 0

On February 19th, 2015 red was the theme at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. A perfect fit for the month of love, the Aids Healthcare Foundation closed New york Fashion Week with a bang on it’s Spring 2015 show. This fabulous show is a platform for talented rising designers to showcase their artistic(…)

Lighter Days in my Cargo

Lighter Days in my Cargo 0

Spring is finally here! The long months of heavy winter jackets are finally over. The weather is getting nicer, and the jackets are getting lighter.  I have noticed that people’s moods are also getting brighter. The same dull pale  faces that used to walk past me  on those gray snow days are now gaining some(…)